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    Your Financial Future 

    Today’s economic environment presents many challenges. But along with these challenges comes opportunities and potential rewards for those who can identify long-term trends.

    Whether you’re facing retirement—or looking to better understand certain investment ideas—we can help you address your most pressing money questions.

    Our first priority is your overall financial success. We want to learn more about your personal situation, identify your dreams and goals, and understand your tolerance for risk. Long-term relationships that encourage open and honest communication have been the cornerstone of our foundation of success.

    Our site is filled with educational videos, articles, presentations, and calculators designed to help you learn more about the world of personal finance. As you search our web site, send us a note regarding any questions you may have about any particular investment concepts or products. We’ll get back to you quickly with a thoughtful answer. 

    Helpful Content

    Life and Death of a Twenty Dollar Bill

    Life and Death of a Twenty Dollar Bill

    How long does a $20 bill last?

    The Great Debate Continues: Active vs. Passive

    The Great Debate Continues: Active vs. Passive

    In investments, one great debate asks the question, “Active or Passive Investing: Which Is Better?”

    Understanding the Alternate Valuation Date

    Understanding the Alternate Valuation Date

    Executors can value the estate on the date of death, or on its six-month anniversary —the “Alternate Valuation Date."


    Insurance Needs Assessment:When You're Married With Children

    When you’re married and have children, insurance needs will be different.

    A Home Insurance Claim: To File Or Not To File

    Learn when it may not make sense to file a claim on your home insurance.

    The Lowdown on Those Free Credit Scores

    What’s the deal with your yearly free credit report?

    Estimating the Cost of College

    This worksheet can help you estimate the costs of a four-year college program.

    The Anatomy of a Supplemental Health Plan

    Here’s a guide to explain all the parts of Medicare.

    What to Look for in a Long-Term Care Policy

    Here’s a list of 10 questions to ask that may help you better understand the costs and benefits of long-term-care insurance.

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    Saving for Retirement

    This calculator can help you estimate how much you may need to save for retirement.

    Taxable vs. Tax-Deferred Savings

    Use this calculator to compare the future value of investments with different tax consequences.

    Historical Inflation

    This calculator shows how inflation over the years has impacted purchasing power.

    What's My Potential Estate Tax?

    This calculator helps estimate your federal estate tax liability.

    What Is the Dividend Yield?

    This calculator helps determine your pre-tax and after-tax dividend yield on a particular stock.

    What Is My Risk Tolerance?

    This questionnaire will help determine your tolerance for investment risk.

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    Managing Your Lifestyle

    Using smart management to get more of what you want and free up assets to invest.

    5 Smart Investing Strategies

    There are some smart strategies that may help you pursue your investment objectives

    Your Cash Flow Statement

    A presentation about managing money: using it, saving it, and even getting credit.

    An Inside Look at Retirement Living

    A number of questions and concerns need to be addressed to help you better prepare for retirement living.

    Protecting Those Who Matter Most

    The importance of life insurance, how it works, and how much coverage you need.

    Investment Strategies for Retirement

    Investment tools and strategies that can enable you to pursue your retirement goals.

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    Keeping Up with the Joneses

    Lifestyle inflation can be the enemy of wealth building. What could happen if you invested instead of buying more stuff?

    What Can a Million Dollars Buy You?

    $1 million in a diversified portfolio could help finance part of your retirement.

    Estate Management 101

    A will may be only one of the documents you need—and one factor to consider—when it comes to managing your estate

    The Cost of Procrastination

    Procrastination can be costly. When you get a late start, it may be difficult to make up for lost time.

    Should You Tap Retirement Savings to Fund College?

    There are three things to consider before dipping into retirement savings to pay for college.

    When Special Care Is Needed: The Special Needs Trust

    A special needs trust helps care for a special needs child when you’re gone.

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